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All good mermaids need treasures to fill their trove. So, I'm traveling the globe to create precious memories of my own. This world has so many hidden gems just waiting to be uncovered! May you find some, too. Con amor y alegría...

P U R A   V I D A, 


Adventure Must-Haves

Adventure Must-Haves

Scroll over the images for my GO-TO packing list!

Le passeport (duh)

A backpack that holds everything, including your beach towel (which also makes a great blanket for the plane)

Extra hair ties. They don't take up room in your suitcase and you'll most definitely need them. #redflag

Let's talk dollars. Or whatever currency you'll need. Take about 20-25% of your money in cash & carry it in various places. I write down the coordinates in code so I don't hide it from myself haaaa. Been there. Done that. 

Hat, workout clothes & running shoes. Most places worth seeing take a small trek to get to. Go prepared so you can say YES to every adventure. 

A dress you can wear day or night. Just because you're roughing it doesn't mean you have to look like it...at least not all the time!

Tampons. At least enough for a few days. So you don't have to sit out any of the fun. Warning: not all cultures use them like we do in the U.S. so they may be really expensive or may not have them at all! (TMI? Sorry boys.)

A black bikini to mix and match

A tapestry to use for lounging on, covering up with & holding your treasures... like this. ^ I also use it to wrap my backpack with when traveling so that I am the last target for sneaky thieves. 

My rings are very special to me with lots of sentimental value. If you have a small, travel-able keepsake, I say take it with you to keep your loved ones close. 

Lots of sunscreen! I play in the sun all summer long. Even though I'm Mexican, I always protect my skin so I can have a warm glow instead of a blistering sunburn! My favorite is Alba Botanica

Books! I never read a book in my entire life until I started traveling. Now I can't stop. They make a great hammock companion. 

First-Aid: Bandaids, Neosporin & most importantly, essential oils. I don't go anywhere without my lavender and tea tree oils. 

I mean, it depends where you're going, but I've never travelled without my dive mask. 

And last thing: you may need adaptors for the power outlets. Check online before you go and plan accordingly :) 

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Trabajar Abroad

Trabajar Abroad